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According to Pastor Rouaix, the progenitor of the Patoni Family in Mexico was Juan Bautista Patoni.  Little is known about Juan Bautista Patoni.  According to Rouaix, Juan arrived in Mexico with the Baron von Humboldt.  Baron von Humboldt arrived in 1803.
I have located a Mexico City Church record which indicates that Juan Bautista Patoni had a son who married in 1812.  This record reflects that Juan Bautista Patoni's son was named Carlos Patoni.  This Carlos Patoni was born in Italy and his mother is identified as Teresa Viola.
In this 1812 marriage in Mexico City, Carlos Patoni, married Maria de Jesus Reyes.
It would appear that Teresa Viola was Juan Bautista Patoni's first wife and that Mercedes Sanchez was Juan Bautista Patoni's second wife.  This would help explain the birth of Jose Maria Patoni so many years after Juan Bautista Patoni's arrival in Mexico.
It would also appear that Jose Maria Patoni's son, Carlos Patoni, was probably named after Jose Maria Patoni's older half brother.  The odds of there being two Juan Bautista Patonis in Mexico in the early 1800s would be nearly impossible. 
A close reading of the 1812 marriage record of Carlos Patoni specifically states that Carlos Patoni's place of origin was in Brunico, Italy.  Brunico, Italy is located in northern Italy along the border with Austria.   At various times in history, Brunico has been part of Austria.  Brunico is also known by it's German spelling of Bruneck.  At least one biography of the Baron von Humboldt states that "the miner" Juan Bautista Patoni was from the South Tyrol and that he led the geological survey of Mexico for the Baron von Humboldt.  The south Tyrol is where Brunico/Bruneck is located.    I have ordered films from the LDS Family History Library to attempt to locate Carlos Patoni's birth records which may point us to the location of Juan Bautista Patoni's birth.
The 1812 marriage record also states that Juan Bautista Patoni's wife (Carlos Patoni's mother), Teresa Viola, had died before Carlos Patoni's marriage.  It does not say if she died in Europe or in Mexico or when she died.
I will post more on Juan Bautista Patoni as I discover new details.

Click on the link below for the children of Carlos Patoni and Maria de Jesus Reyes.

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